IT Superheroes Need Us to Be Their Sidekick

They might be your next door neighbor, or they might be 5,000 miles away.  But my sense is they exist in the Cloud.  You know; the Cloud where all things digital ebb and flow.   They are the superior beings that make sure Big Data gets from point A to point B intact; the ones who make sure enterprise servers purr like kittens in the sun.  I’m talking about the teams of network, applications, and equipment experts to whom we entrust the electronic tools we need to do our own jobs.

The importance of these teams to the vitality of any business today cannot be overstated.  They are responsible for the day-to-day well-being of highly complex systems of machines, software, people and information.  As enterprise users, we have set a very high bar, indeed, when it comes to our expectations of support from our organizations’ IT teams, and unfortunately these superheroes are the target of frustration when things don’t work right.

However, IT experts have also set a high bar for those with whom they do business.  Because of their prominence in their organizations, the choices IT teams make about technology and technology suppliers carry considerable responsibility – one they take very seriously.  Ranging from technical to business concerns, enterprise IT organizations evaluate myriad of criteria before presenting a recommendation.  Here is just some of what really matters to them: responsiveness and transparency, expertise and knowledge, a proactive approach, flexibility and nimbleness, security and risk avoidance, global reach and local depth, and most importantly, support for the organization’s overarching business goals.

As providers of technology solutions to enterprises, we need to step up to the expectations of these IT heroes.  How?  Here are some strategies for us, their sidekicks:

  • We can keep them informed of new applications, ideas, or approaches to information, communications, and technology
  • We can make their jobs easier by collaborating with them in the design and execution of the new or enhanced network solutions
  • We can help them be more efficient and increase business productivity by understanding the effects of their decisions on the organizations they support
  • We can provide tools to monitor, manage and maintain solutions to ensure optimal application and network performance
  • And lastly, we can stay informed about their industry and business to offer relevant guidance on adapting network solutions to meet changes in relevant dynamics.

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I lead marketing for Level 3's Cloud Connect Solutions, Data Center, Ethernet and Wavelength product portfolio. I'm also a father of girls, an avid mountain biker and an indie singer-songwriter enthusiast.

One thought on “IT Superheroes Need Us to Be Their Sidekick

  1. I agree with everything mentioned above, i work in a small it company and the main reason our clients like us is because we listen to their needs, act on them and keep improving our service. Great article!

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