The Perfect Game Day

When you enter your local supermarket through an endless tunnel of chips and dip, you know it is time. School is back in session, fall is here, and it is football season. Level 3 is excited to work with our customers to bring the gridiron action to fans everywhere.  For more than 20 years, our…


Getting You Into the Game

I’ll admit it – I’m a very competitive person. That’s from my lifelong “training” of playing team sports.  I credit that drive to helping me in my career and it’s the root of my love for sports —tennis in particular. So I was thrilled to be able to combine business with pleasure recently, when I…


Are You Ready For Some Football?

Nebraska-Michigan.  Texas Christian-Syracuse.  Oregon-Colorado.  Wait, what?  These aren’t your typical college football rivalries– but they will be for the foreseeable future now that last year’s conference realignment has taken effect and schools have moved around more than Nick Saban’s college coaching career.  The underlying reason for all this movement is pretty basic, really.  Money.  It…