Threat Collaboration. It’s What We Do.

Collaboration, it’s what we do. And so should the industry. Here’s why: Cybercrime has infiltrated the lives of IT professionals, corporate employees, business owners and consumers in a way that goes beyond flashy headlines. A state of constant defense against the cybercriminal invasion of all aspects of our lives, personal and professional, is the “new…


A Millennial’s 5 Tech Resolutions for 2016

In 2015, I read about the dangerous and risky actions of my generation. We have been dubbed the greatest internal risk to companies. Security experts are concerned that our laissez faire attitude toward privacy, combined with expectations regarding what devices and apps we can access at work, are bringing new security challenges to the workplace.…


Secure Pipes and the Hybrid Cloud Reality

In a series of blog posts, I have been advocating security professionals to demand more from their communication service providers (CSPs) as they can take an active role in monitoring the traffic delivered to customers. Moreover, implementing cyber security needs to be simplified, allowing platforms and services to assume the burden of some “heavy lifting”…