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Secure Pipes: DDoS as an Illustrative Example – Commentary from Frost & Sullivan

The following blog post is part of our guest author series, inviting commentary from leaders around the telecom industry. The Internet, as a communication medium, has been evolving. This evolution, unfortunately, has brought with it growth in Internet-based attacks, and corresponding growth in security technologies to fight these attacks. But, with this growth in security…

Source: Cisco Talos Group. RED/PINK/ORANGE – Attacker. GREEN – Rest of Internet

It Takes a Village – Collaborative Steps to Breaking Botnets: How Level 3 and Cisco Worked Together to Improve the Internet’s Security and Stop SSHPsychos

The information security community’s ability to respond to threats and vulnerability discovery improves with each passing month. The collective reaction from the security community to a new file hash, new technique, or communication method has never been stronger. However, attackers are also keeping up, or even exceeding the security world’s defenses. One way to balance…