SSL…Not Again!

Back in February, we talked about the Apple flaw that undoubtedly opened the door for targeted attacks specific to Secure Socket Layer (SSL). A few months later researchers have uncovered another vulnerability – one that impacts a vast majority of Internet users. The new major security flaw exposes a vulnerability in encryption and has reportedly…

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Botnets – They Won’t Be Going Anywhere

Botnets are a nuisance, to put it nicely. They are large, grow like weeds, are difficult to detect and take down and are usually constructed with bad intentions. Some of the most well-known and lucrative botnets to ever exist have infected and taken control of between 100,000 – 10+ million devices. For example the Zero…


The Apple Security Flaw: What Does this Mean for CIOs Managing BYOD in the Enterprise?

If you thought managing mobility in the enterprise was complicated enough, Friday’s announcement by Apple highlighted the added complexity of securing data on mobile devices.  Apparently, a flaw in the most recent iPhone and Mac software created a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) vulnerability that could allow hackers to intercept email and other communications that are…