SDN: What’s Next?

As with any event, it’s always a good sign when speakers take the stage armed with strong and opposing opinions. And this year’s Light Reading Big Telecom Event did not disappoint. At this year’s show, software-defined networking (SDN) was top-of-mind, as industry experts weighed how carriers will utilize this technology to decrease OPEX and allow…


Two of the Top Ten considerations when choosing an Internet Services Provider (ISP)

These days bandwidth is just a commodity. There isn’t much distinction between providers and the quality of their Internet Service.  They’re all the same, right?  Actually, not really.  In truth, not all bandwidth is created equal. Enterprises are increasingly dependent on their Internet connections to access mission critical applications such as Salesforce or eCommerce.  Today,…

Global Network

Does Your Communications Technology Drive Success?

The following blog post is part of our guest author series, inviting commentary from leaders around the telecom industry. What an exciting time for communications! Technological advances and a proliferation of devices and applications have transformed the way we connect with each other personally and professionally, creating both challenges and opportunities. Enterprises are required to…