Health IT in 2015

2015’s Top 5 Health IT Trends: What’s Top of Mind?

2014 was another complex year in healthcare. Stories that made the biggest headlines included the Ebola outbreak,’s marketplace on which 6.5 million Americans enrolled for health insurance and incessant cyber attacks targeting health organizations. Amidst these happenings, institutions forged ahead on integrating EHRs at the point of care, engaging patients through online tools and…

Online Prescription Concept

Healthcare Consumerism Contributes to Patient Engagement & Cost Savings

Studies and predictions around customer engagement and behavior trends focus on the empowered, online consumer. Forbes and Marketo cite that consumers expect super-personalized communications, consistent multi-channel interactions and sleek efficient tools. Payers are hit with delivering against these heightened expectations while responding to a host of new regulatory requirements. Luckily this double whammy has a…