Top Government Tech Trends for 2014 | The Next Frontier in Government IT

Today, it’s no secret, government IT leaders are facing growing demands to manage a deluge of data and other communications information in more efficient and effective ways.  Keeping pace is hard enough, let alone layering on requirements for greater collaboration and mobility, as well as security and business continuity considerations.  A formidable task, certainly. But…


The Art of Multi-Tasking and When to Ask for Help

Business is a juggling act – with multiple activities in play at once as the norm. But in the Government sector, where agencies are working to meet strict budget requirements, increase efficiencies and manage their communications ecosystem all while staying laser-focused on their mission, they’re juggling with fire. Sure, it’s doable, but it’s not ideal,…


Our Thoughts on Cybersecurity

Level 3 has just released a white paper titled Perspectives on Cybersecurity.  Not only does it provide an overview of basic cybersecurity principles, it presents our view of proposed legislation. Additionally, we discuss the role of service providers and the government in protecting our nation’s most sensitive networks and applications. And we also cover an…


Will NS2020 Still Give Agencies Double Vision?

I recently read a report in Fierce Telecom with the headline “Sprint, Level 3 government sales slump as agencies delay GSA Networx transition”.  Naturally this attracted my attention as nothing could be further from the truth – the sales slump portion that is.  However, it is absolutely true that the transition to Networx from the…