Gamers, Go Where the Growth Is

For several years now, content providers have enjoyed an exploding digital media market, driven by hungry U.S. consumers.  Digital distribution sales in music, movies, video and games grew anywhere between 7 and 15% this past year, depending on the type of content1.  To be clear, there are no signs that the U.S. market is cooling,…


I Love Video Games! – Part I

As video gaming industry revenues continue to decline year over year, I still believe that gaming is a good place to be. Let’s flash back to Labor Day for a minute.  Excitement around football season abounds.  Fantasy football drafts are in full swing and we are poised to see how our hand-picked team performs.  And…


Casual Connect – Part II: To Game or Not to Game on Your TV

At Casual Connect Gaming Conference in Seattle, the debate continued as to whether Smart TVs will become the next gaming device. The gaming industry expects to see 150 million connected TVs, whether it is Over-the-Top (OTT) TV or “smart” set top boxes (Cable or Roku) by 2016,. Today, however, from a game developer’s perspective, “Smart…