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The Spotlight is On. Tips to Land the Job You Want.

I have high expectations. For myself, my team, my ecosystem, everyone really. I’m the leader that celebrates my team’s achievements on Friday and poses new challenges on Monday. As part of my role, I conduct several interviews every month with employees across multiple markets. All that face time has allowed me to sift through the…

Recruitment Innovation

The Gift of a Good Find

It’s interesting: 53 people will tell their contacts about a bad experience whereas 42 will tell their friends about a good experience. It’s not a big difference but a difference nonetheless.   I’m more of an equal provider of feedback; I contribute regularly on; do surveys when asked and write feedback on bills when I…


Got an idea? The peer-to-peer economy is just a click away.

While wrapping up my holiday shopping, I was reminded about recent media coverage highlighting the continued evolution and growth of the “peer-to-peer” economy. From buying gifts to planning travel and purchasing groceries, I find myself increasingly turning to the Internet to connect me directly to individual suppliers, bypassing traditional sales channels and outlets. I truly…