The Cloud: Grey Skies Never Looked So Good

It seems with any new technology, there is no shortage of opinions about the best solution for any given challenge.  The Cloud is no different.  Some purists insist the IT environment can and should exist solely in the Cloud over the public Internet.  Other stalwarts believe their business applications and data must remain within their…


What does the Biathlon have to do with Content Delivery? And Other Analogies from the Winter Games.

With Friday’s Opening Ceremonies, the 22nd Winter Games officially began in Sochi, Russia.  If you ignore the various media reports of yellow drinking water, side-by-side toilets, malfunctioning Olympic rings, and unfinished hotel buildings and allow yourself to get into the true Olympic spirit, the next two weeks will be filled with drama and excitement.  Fully…

Cloud Computing Chalkboard Diagram

The Network is the Cloud

You’re probably familiar with the John Gage remark, “The network is the computer.” At Level 3 we often say, “The network is the cloud,” extending Gage’s metaphor by about 30 years. Considering what we’ve all witnessed — the evolution of distributed computing as well as devices — it’s an easy concept to accept. End of…

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The Cloud is as the Network Does

My first web-based email account was Hotmail back in the late 1990s – not that that’s something to brag about.  I downloaded my first song about that time, too.  Remember those annoying queues and how long it took to get a single song of questionable fidelity?  I began online banking in the early 2000s, streaming…


Why Invest in the Video Cloud?

The pace of change and innovation in the content delivery business is fast. We continue to invest in this area, even as some of our competitors have started signaling that it is not a strategic consideration for them. Why? Simply put, we love this space and continue to believe that the value of our operational…