Digital Disruption and the Future of XaaS

The rapid rise in disruptive digital technology is driving global business towards a digital tipping point; pushing companies to move towards a digital convergence of their business models, products and value chains. The adoption of new digital technologies and business models brings disruption to a company’s value propositions and business operations, and can affect the…


Making the Cloud Come to You

Everything’s coming up cloud these days – enterprises around the globe recognize the cloud offers a level of scalability, agility and speed to market that’s shaping the new digital economy. Cloud computing has given us pay-as-you-go options and the anything-as-a-service delivery model, speeding innovation and enriching the communications industry. Despite what some may think, the…

Cloud Computing

Charting Your Cloud Migration Path the Easy Way

It’s not surprising that cloud is often portrayed as the panacea for the many obstacles enterprises face today. Cloud’s oft-touted value propositions – agility, mobility and cost reduction – are vital to businesses striving to stay competitive in the digital economy. In the cloud, collaboration and productivity tools are easier to scale and manage, often…