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What’s the point of social media?

For businesses that is. If you are a B2B business, why should you use social media? Social media being things like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Earlier this year I attended Shelley Palmer’s Media Tech Summit in New York. A lot of the discussion centered on the topic of this post. And although B2C companies…


Why Invest in the Video Cloud?

The pace of change and innovation in the content delivery business is fast. We continue to invest in this area, even as some of our competitors have started signaling that it is not a strategic consideration for them. Why? Simply put, we love this space and continue to believe that the value of our operational…

Mark Taylor

Why did I get hacked?

Why are particular companies targeted for cyber-attacks? It turns out that most are not specifically targeted. Of course, big companies (particularly those in financial services) as well as some government and law enforcement systems are attacked for very particular reasons. But the majority of attacks on smaller companies are much more random. And that is…

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The Switch-Away Incentive

We deliver a LOT of video on behalf of our customers. Some of these customers are the very largest media brands in the world — companies that are rightly extremely protective of their brand and reputation. For many, many years traditional TV engineering teams have maniacally focused on the quality of their technical solutions. Everything…