Network Effect vs. Congestion

Imagine having the only telephone in the world. Can’t call or be called by anyone. Not very useful, right? Imagine, on the other hand, everyone you know had one. A lot more valuable! Perhaps that explains why more people have phones than toilets. It’s called network effect and, yes, the phone is the poster child…


Challenging Service Provider Capital Assumptions

Assumptions. Often maligned, they’re the brain’s short-cuts, helping us navigate life efficiently. Assumptions work because questioning everything would be time-consuming, draining and highly impractical. The alternative is analysis paralysis. So, for the most part, assumptions serve us well. Until they don’t – at which point it comes time to update our assumptions. Take, for instance,…

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New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year to pick a lofty goal, resolve to become a better person and let the countdown begin – to failure (for all but 8% of resolution makers). The trouble with New Year’s resolutions is so many assume some drastic behavioral change is somehow supposed to just happen. Magically. Soon enough the…