Challenging Service Provider Capital Assumptions

Assumptions. Often maligned, they’re the brain’s short-cuts, helping us navigate life efficiently. Assumptions work because questioning everything would be time-consuming, draining and highly impractical. The alternative is analysis paralysis. So, for the most part, assumptions serve us well. Until they don’t – at which point it comes time to update our assumptions. Take, for instance,…

happy 2014

New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year to pick a lofty goal, resolve to become a better person and let the countdown begin – to failure (for all but 8% of resolution makers). The trouble with New Year’s resolutions is so many assume some drastic behavioral change is somehow supposed to just happen. Magically. Soon enough the…


Plan C: Voice BCDR

O, the joys of camping. Fresh air. Beautiful scenery. Limited wireless signal availability. At times like this, your contingency preparedness can get put to the test. Case-in-point: last weekend, as I was wrapping-up a three day excursion to Mueller State Park, my two-week-old smartphone decided to quit. It either had too much of me or…