Diversity is a Journey, Not a Destination

When enterprises speak about diversity, the conversation often revolves around an end goal, a particular stat or percentage related to the workforce or an idea of what the company should look like. However, diversity by its own definition is the state of being diverse; and includes a range of different things. In my mind, diversity…

Monopoly board game in play

Monopoly General Hospital

Monopoly General is the largest hospital in Boardwalkville. It provides 90 percent of inpatient hospital services there, and is the only provider of some essential services like obstetrics. It is one of the most expensive hospitals in the state. The rates it charges patients (paid by their health insurance companies) are 70 percent higher than…

Stacked credit cards

Brick and Mortar Point-of-Sale Protections Force Fraudsters Online

Retailers, if you think that with the recent implementation of point-of-sale credit card chip technology, you can finally turn your attention elsewhere, take note: while you’ve been focused on transitioning, fraudsters have been rethinking their tactics. The Europay, MasterCard, and Visa consortium technical standard (EMV) promises to reduce incidents of card-present fraud, or fraud conducted…