Verizon’s Accidental Mea Culpa

David Young, Vice President, Verizon Regulatory Affairs recently published a blog post suggesting that Netflix themselves are responsible for the streaming slowdowns Netflix’s customers have been seeing. But his attempt at deception has backfired. He has clearly admitted that Verizon is deliberately constraining capacity from network providers like Level 3 who were chosen by Netflix…


SDN: What’s Next?

As with any event, it’s always a good sign when speakers take the stage armed with strong and opposing opinions. And this year’s Light Reading Big Telecom Event did not disappoint. At this year’s show, software-defined networking (SDN) was top-of-mind, as industry experts weighed how carriers will utilize this technology to decrease OPEX and allow…


Rocky Mountain High Tech | A Look at Colorado Innovation and the Importance of Industry Collaboration

Public and private partnerships, interconnected networks, forward-thinking leaders and an entrepreneurial spirit—perhaps gleaned from our Wild West roots — form the fabric of the technology sector here in Colorado. Colorado governor John Hickenlooper called our state the next Silicon Valley, citing a core of large, technology-focused companies headquartered here — Dish Network, MapQuest and Lockheed…


Network Effect vs. Congestion

Imagine having the only telephone in the world. Can’t call or be called by anyone. Not very useful, right? Imagine, on the other hand, everyone you know had one. A lot more valuable! Perhaps that explains why more people have phones than toilets. It’s called network effect and, yes, the phone is the poster child…